Executive leader with intellectual expertise and practical experience leveraging transformational technologies to unlock revenue growth.

EXECUTIVE: Recognized change agent repeatedly tasked with redesigning companies and key business functions for expansion or acquisition in markets transformed by technology.

TRUSTED BOARD MEMBER: Served on multiple boards across various service sectors guiding strategy and business redesign for growth and acquisition.

STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY LEADER: Innovator in the use of digital technologies to shift economic value within service markets. Recognized advisor to C-suite executives pursuing technological innovation.


  • Digital technologies & AI
  • Strategy
  • Technology-driven design
  • Organizational transformation
  • Innovation
  • Leadership & talent management
  • New growth creation
  • Marketing
  • Data analytics


PricewaterhouseCoopers  2010 — present
Professional Services Senior Partner  2010 — present
US Executive Leadership Team  2014 — 2017

Diamond Management & Technology  1998 – 2010
Vice Chairman  2007 – 2010
Professional Services Partner  1998 – 2010
Chief Innovation Officer  2000 – 2010

Harvard Business School  1986 - 1998
Assistant Professor & Technology Futurist


Board Member, Diamond Management Consultants, 2000-2010 (NASDAQ: DTPI)
Board Member, AMICAS, 2006-2010 (NASDAQ: AMCS)
Board Member, Alliant Food Services, Privately Held $5B Food Distributor, 1998-2002
*Board participation paused after 2010 due to regulatory restrictions required of PwC partners.


Strategic planning & transformation

  • Appointed in 2016 at PwC to lead a transformational change effort focused on redesigning the US marketing function ($100M+ budget and 300+ people) to more effectively present the firm as a leading competitor in the professional services market. Developed the operating model and control systems for an integrated functional area with motivated management, a new mix of talent, and clear customer-focused strategy based on data- innovation and data-driven decision making. Leveraged technology such as data analytics for targeted audience management.
  • Appointed in 2013 by PwC leadership to catalyze improvements in the Global Thought Leadership function, a globally dispersed team of 100+ people with a $10M+ budget. Designed and implemented a new governance model to promote innovative points of view, and drive business growth across the global network of firms through improved quality, reach, and impact of PwC thought leadership.
  • As board member at AMICAS, a medical technology services firm specializing in cloud-based radiology and medical office management technology, redesigned the sales strategy and organization to facilitate revenue growth.

Profit and revenue growth

  • As a member of the PwC US Leadership Team, grew the advisory business from $1 billion in 2010 to over $3 billion in 2016 through strategic acquisitions and leveraging digital platforms for on-demand talent sourcing.
  • As a member of the PwC US Leadership Team, worked to deliver the deal value of the Diamond acquisition, including integrating the skill sets of 500+ consultants across the advisory practice for maximum revenue growth.
  • As appointed member of the Diamond Executive Leadership Team, developed new strategic plan and adapted balance sheet, cost base, and control systems to support the new business strategy. Aligned executive talent management to include compensation structure and leadership development.
  • As Chief Innovation Officer and board member of Diamond, led company-wide effort to support aggressive growth goals through the application of advanced technology to design new delivery models and identify new sources of revenue.
  • As a Diamond Partner, advised executive leadership teams on digital “carve-out” businesses launched between 1998 and 2010. Recognized as a hands-on strategist with experience in what works to grow digital businesses.

Strategic advisor

  • Helped conceive and create an innovation strategy for a global broad-line insurance company. Extensive survey, interview, and case analysis to diagnose the problem and create new innovation capabilities.
  • Engaged with senior management of a global Fortune 50 company to conceptualize, design, and implement a social media strategy across more than 30 countries. Led to increased volumes and lowered costs across the distribution system, as well as expanded brand recognition. 
  • Developed a mobile strategy for a health insurance company with the aim of improving customer satisfaction, while decreasing service costs consistent with the re-regulated healthcare environment.
  • Acted as a strategic advisor to the senior executive team of a Fortune 50 company on the 3-5 year megatrends—e.g. urbanization, climate change and technology advancement—set in the context of the company’s leadership challenges and strategic opportunities.

Merger and acquisition

  • Appointed to the Diamond Executive Leadership Team to implement new business strategy, in combination with revamped talent management program, to enable rapid growth from $1.35/share in 2007 to $10.50/share in 2010, leading to successful acquisition by PwC.
  • As a member of the PwC US Leadership team, contributed to the successful integration of advisory firms PRTM and Booz & Company into the PwC Advisory practice. Positioned the Booz strategy offering into PwC, resulting in the productization of a full strategy-to-execution capability.
  • As a member of the board of AMICAS, led the compensation committee that designed the negotiation strategy, pricing, and positioning for acquisition, resulting in multiple bids and eventual purchase by Merge (and motivating 2015 acquisition by IBM).
  • As a board member of Alliant Food Services, facilitated contact between the Alliant board and the board of Dutch supermarket operator Ahold, which ultimately acquired Alliant.

Executive client relations / Enhancing the brand

  • Since 2010, championed and led The Exchange, an award-winning executive think tank bringing together scientists, senior executives, academics, and entrepreneurs to build executive relationships and exchange ideas about emerging technological and business issues. Participants include GE, GM, Walmart, and Google. Through this forum, enhanced the PwC brand, cemented executive relationships, and drove sales leads.
  • Led multi-year effort within PwC to investigate the methods and approaches used by 100+ of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs to create billion-dollar growth businesses. Participants included Mark Cuban, T. Boone Pickens, Joe Mansueto, Steve Case, and others. Captured the billionaire methods, and ways to apply them, in The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Leaders Create Massive Value (Penguin, 2015, Sviokla/Cohen). Designed new advisory offering based on those methods.
  • As an Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, led future-oriented research into the economic impact of emerging technologies on business strategy and corporate innovation. Prepared aspiring leaders to use artificial intelligence and computable systems for competitive advantage. Designed and taught the first course on digital transformation: Managing in the Marketspace, 1994-1998. Consulted on strategy and the emergent potential of AI to clients such GE, Citibank, Andersen Consulting (Accenture), and others.
  • Led the alignment of Strategy & Business Magazine to the PwC business following the Booz & Company acquisition. Results included an increase in subscribers from 500K to 1.2M.

Leadership and talent management

  • Recognized expert at building high performing teams during transformational change. As Vice Chairman of Diamond, built a dynamic team and designed, built, and delivered leadership development program that enabled significant growth and prepared the organization for acquisition.
  • Empathetic leader that engenders strong loyalty and passion from his direct reports and across his sphere of influence. At PwC, implemented innovative talent management strategies to develop high-potential professionals and identify opportunities for their career development.
  • Committed mentor to a wide range of senior executives and high potential young leaders, leveraging a vast executive network to make connections and build relationships.


D.B.A. Harvard Business School 1986
M.B.A. with Distinction, Harvard Business School 1983
B.A. Magna cum Laude, Harvard College 1979


Member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
Member of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Editorial Board, Management Information Systems Quarterly, 1988-1998
Editorial Board, Journal of Electronic Commerce, 1994-1998


Authored more than 100 pieces of writing in Harvard Business Review and elsewhere, including some of the first thought leadership on applications of artificial intelligence in business. Highlights include:


The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Leaders Create Massive Value, Penguin Portfolio, 2015 (with Mitch Cohen).
Seeking Customers, editor. Harvard Business School Press, 1993 (with Ben Shapiro)
Keeping Customers, editor. Harvard Business School Press, 1993 (with Ben Shapiro)


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