Digital Innovation in Social Space: The Patriot's Jumbo, Jumbotron

The New England Patriots are installing a 164 x 41.5 foot high definition television for this upcoming season, which is puny compared to the Dallas Cowboy's two 180 x 72 foot LED screens!  Besides the fact that I'm simply amazed by the technology itself, I think it is yet another signpost that the next digital revolution will be the change of the social space.  Put another way, every location has the potential to be like Times Square.

This means that all merchants will eventually have to think through their digital skin both inside and outside the firm.  As a society, it means that there will be a continuing merger of "television" and spectacle.  It will influence architecture, politics, retailing and sports to an even greater extent than it already has.  My friend Chris Curran points out that you need to think comprehensively about how to improve customer service.  The Cowboys have the interface, but some of their fans need to wait a long time to get into the stadium!

Overall this means that every company will have to think through how it creates and maintains its audience over time, as I wrote about the other day.  All companies will need to think more carefully about their visual imagery because everyone will be accustom to a constant, visceral, image-filled message about all the major brands.  Put another way, we all need a little Walt Disney in us for this coming world.

How well managed is your firm's visual innovation and the overall customer service?

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